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Our Purpose
Wise Rhino Group is a unique resource and catalyst for retirement plan and wealth advisory firms who are in pursuit of accelerated growth and sustained competitive success. We begin each engagement with assisting our clients with gaining a complete understanding of the current state of their business relative to the broader retirement marketplace. We then work together to define the most appropriate path forward for firm leaders, staff, and clients.

Our Promise
We deliver unbiased counsel and guidance backed by a unique experience-based understanding of all aspects of the business, an impactful set of processes and databases and an extensive network of relationships.  We are committed to bringing these qualities and resources to every engagement, with a focus on integrity and trust.

Our Approach.


We begin each formal engagement under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, allowing our teams to begin the process of getting to know everything about you and your firm. This deep understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as your vision for the future state of your business drives the process going forward.


Based on this discovery process, we are able to guide you and your team through benchmarking, a comprehensive review of your firm's key value drivers, and market valuation. This supports the development of a structured, go-forward improvement plan.

ongoing advice

Post initial engagement, we will continue to support you and your partners through the execution of the go-forward plan, support your growth through exclusive networking opportunities, and advise your team on trends and opportunities presented in the Retirement & Wealth Marketplace.


Should inorganic growth be the correct strategy for your firm our work evolves into formal go-to-market representation.

This begins with a review of our proprietary partner database, where we assist you with the identification and review of all relevant industry partnership opportunities, with a focus on which firms are the “best-fit” for you and your team in terms of culture, future growth and financial success.

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Gain a more complete understanding of how M&A is impacting the Retirement & Wealth industry and the state of your business relative to the broader marketplace.

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