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Gain a more complete understanding of how M&A is impacting the Retirement & Wealth industry and the state of your business relative to the broader marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in our initial discussion?

We want to meet you and understand the business that you have built. The retirement industry has undergone a large shift in service, consolidation and fee compression. We'll cover the current landscape, the options presented to a currently independent advisor and what's driving firm values to unprecendented heights.

How long is the average partnership (acquisition) process?

We prioritize more than just finding a partner with an attractive financial offer. We have seen time and again the importance of a good culture, business and financial fit with the average start to finish between 4 and 8 months.

What's your past experience with Advisory Firms?

We are the most experienced M&A advisor with clients in the retirement and wealth industry for a reason. Our clients businesses are our business and we have been fortunate to serve as advisor to many of the most well-known Advisory Firms, from Mega-platforms to single-producers, as they selected new partners.

Does Wise Rhino Group provide consulting services as a standalone service?

Yes. We support some of the most well-known retirement advisory firms in an ongoing relationship, completely separate of M&A advisory. This may entail benchmarking of your firm and business practices, annual valuations, and access to our webinar series including top industry peers.